Schedule for Monday evening, July 4th

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Time Session With…
Time Session With…
3.30pm - 4pm

Flash posters

Brief oral poster presentation, using only 2 pdf slides & 2 minutes per poster.

Beatriz Rivas-Murias

Camilo X. Quintela

Cédric Bareille

Christoph Bergmann

Erik Slooten

Francisco Rivadulla

Hui-Huang Hsieh

Igor Kogoutiouk

Ivan Supic

J.D. Dancausa

Manuel Bañobre-López

4pm - 5pm

Poster session & coffee

Discussion around the posters presented in the flash poster session.

5pm - 6pm

Superconducting and Spin-Density-Wave states in iron-pnictides

The question of interaction between two different orders is always an intriguing one – will they coexist or will they fight for the phase space; how will each of them be modified by this interplay?  In this talk I will … Continue reading

Anton Vorontsov

6pm - 6.30pm

Anisotropy in the magnetic state of undoped iron pnictides

The recently discovered high temperature superconductors iron pnictides present singular magnetism. The undoped compound is metallic with Q=(pi,0) columnar ordering instead of being a Mott insulator with Néel order as in cuprates. It presents a very low magnetic moment[1], even … Continue reading

Belén Valenzuela