In recent years there has been a burst of activity in the field of strongly correlated electrons driven by the coincidence of various key findings. To cite a few highlights, we have witnessed: the discovery of topological insulators and high-temperature superconductivity in iron-based compounds, an astonishing progress in the fabrication of oxide heterostructures, and the ability to isolate and gate individual graphene planes. The aim of this conference is to offer an overview of these current and future hot topics across several subfields in the strongly correlated electron playground in a collegial atmosphere well suited for learning, as well as for exchanging cutting-edge ideas. We will consider these four main topics to articulate the conference:

  • high temperature superconductivity, including pnictides and cuprates,
  • topological insulators and topological order,
  • oxide heterostructures, and
  • graphene.

In addition, we will have technique-oriented talks featuring recent advances in LDA+DMFT approaches, STM or ARPES.

Check out the list of speakers and the schedule! Submit an abstract if you want to participate.

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