How to get to “Pulpería Concheiros”

For those of you that want to skip the excursion and go straight to the informal dinner tonite,  check this map for directions from the institute to “Pulpería Concheiros”.  We will meet there at 8pm. The place is in a corner across the traffic lights (look for a big “Coca-Cola” banner).

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Alternative excursions

Some of you have asked us about going to a neighboring beach or doing a short excursion in the weekend, so we suggest you two short trips to do on your own.

The first trip is to A Coruña, which is 60 km far from Santiago. It has nice urban beach, some nice arquitecture around the harbour, and a lighthouse dating from the Roman Empire. You can do a half-day excursion (beach or sightseeing) or a whole day excursion (both). To go there:

  • Take a train to Coruña (schedule, directions to railway station). The round trip is around 10 €, trip lasts 40 mins, and train frequency is about 40 mins.
  • Once there go to the bus station (5 mins walk) and take the bus in the bus stop outside the bus station. (Urban buses are red, you’re taking the wrong bus if it is not red!)
  • Bus number 1 (your stop is “Plaza de Maria Pita”) takes you to the city center. Bus number 4 (your stop is “Plaza de Pontevedra”) takes you to the beach.

The second trip is to Cies Islands, which are close to Vigo which is 100 km far from Santiago. The islands are a natural park and have really nice beaches. The boat to the island takes around an hour so it’s only worthy if you do a whole day excursion. To go there:

For more info or other trips, check at the Tourism Office in Santiago.

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Excursion unveiled

As it was announced, on wednesday evening we will have an excursion. The excursion has two parts. The first part will consist on a guided tour through the old part of the city, visiting some of its signature buildings and the Cathedral. This will takes us around an hour and a half. Then we will make a short bus trip (15 mins) to visit the new complex “Cidade da Cultura”. The visit will takes us another hour or so. Finally we’ll drive back to town and stop by a “pulpeira” (that is a resturant popular establishment whose main speciality is octopus) to eat some “tapas” and drink some wine. (Picky eaters don’t get worried: there will be more dishes besides octopus, such as boiled pig ear spiced up with red pepper).

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New registration option for local researchers

Local researchers (SUG, CSIC, etc…) who want to participate in the scientific program of the conference without presenting a contribution have a new registration option. This type of registration allows you to attend all talks and poster sessions, and enjoy coffee breaks at a reduced price. There is a limited amount of space left, so those interested should hurry up! More information in the registration page.

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Rules for posters

These are the rules for the poster sessions:

  • maximum size for posters is DIN A0-portrait oriented, (i.e. 841 mm × 1189 mm),
  • bring your poster the first day, take it out the last one,
  • present your poster at your flash poster session (Monday or Tuesday),
  • at the flash presentation: only 2 pdf slides, only 2 minutes,
  • be at your poster during your poster session (Monday or Tuesday).

Check whether your poster is on Monday or Tuesday sessions.

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Full program (with abstracts) posted

This is a table with the full program (you can find it all in the schedule page):

9am-10amCapone (invited)Johannes (invited)Santander (invited)Rossier (invited)Zapf (invited)
10am -11amMazzoli, BrzezickiBobroff (invited)Caviglia (invited)Castro, GrushinHébert (invited)
11am -11:30amCoffee breakCoffee breakCoffee breakCoffee breakCoffee break
11:30am - 12:30pmKunes (invited)Park, MonneyPerucchi, BachMelko (invited)Bisogni, Inosov
12:30pm - 1:30pmDeisenhofer (invited)Gadermaier, BauerZhou, Group pictureDil, Sánchez-AndújarRadwanski, Ivanshin
1:30 pm - 3:30pmLunchLunchLunchLunchLunch
3:30pm - 5pmPosters & coffeePosters & coffeeExcursionSengupta (invited) & coffeeOpen discussion & closing
5 pm-6:30pmVorontsov (invited), ValenzuelaOutreach talk, open discussionExcursionChern (invited)

You can check the detailed schedule (including abstracts) for each session in the following links:


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Planning your trip? Check the schedule

You can check an updated schedule for the conference in the schedule page.

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Check out the map for NGSCES 2011

The  map is here.

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Registration & accommodation open

The registration and accommodation for NGSCES2011 have been opened (finally!…)  You can check what we have for you in the registration & accommodation pages. Hopefully everything will go fine, but in case of problems, doubts, etc… do not hesitate in contacting us.

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Funding news: Spanish MICINN will fund the conference

Hi there! Today we learned that the Spanish Ministry of Science & Innovation will fund the conference within its “Subprogram for Complementary Actions to Fundamental Research Projects”. See more info here.

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