How to get here

There are several options to get to Santiago. The easiest is to arrive to Santiago de Compostela airport (IATA code SCQ), which offers several international connections including low-cost airlines. There also two other international airports in the neighboring cities of A Coruña (IATA code LCG) and Vigo (IATA code VGO). Both Vigo and A Coruña are not far from Santiago (60 km and 90 km, respectively), and there is a good train service connecting them to Santiago. You can check the train schedules in the website of the national railway service RENFE. Note that the train does not get to any of these airports and you will to take a bus/taxi to commute to the train station. (If you plan to arrive to A Coruña or Vigo, and need extra information contact us.)

If you arrive to the Santiago’s airport the best way to get to town is by taxi. The fare from the airport to anywhere in the city is fixed, so the driver won’t turn the meter on, and costs 19€ 20€ (you could be charged an extra 0.5 € per bulky item in your luggage).

You can get further information in the airport websites quoted above.

Santiago’s railway station is located at 15 mins walking from campus.

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